Welcome to Flesh Flies (Diptera: Sarcophagidae)

This is a portal to the Sarcophagidae or flesh flies of the world. All species as recognised by us are listed, and you will therefore find not only named species but also several species that have not yet received a scientific name.

All names are those we consider to be the valid names. For synonyms and other issues of nomenclature, you will have to consult the online Systema Dipterorum.

The distributional data is by country only, but I try to keep this updated. Also, I am trying to provide information on the natural history of the species, but a lot of data need to be entered.

This site is to be seen as 'work in progress', which means that it may appear uneven here and there, and in particular that several images may still without proper accreditation. Do not hesitate to send comments, corrections or suggestions.

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